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Workshop experimental silk-painting and felting

Discover the creativity within yourself and learn about the surprising possibilities of experimental silk-painting. During the workshop you will learn the effects of working with various transparent layers, causing them to flow, but also to stop the paint. You will get to know how to work with brushes, templates, stamps and other tools. Most of all, you will learn to intuitively fill the white surface with colours and shapes. Each participant will have a large frame to stretch the silk on. The workshops are provided by Ellen Bakker.

For whom 
Experimental silk-painting is mostly enjoyable and surprising. Participation in the workshops requires no experience at all.

The workshops provide a great deal of freedom to experiment as much as possible. During the workshop you can paint samples on silk fabrics. You may also work towards an end product, such as a beautiful, smooth silk scarf or fabrics for clothing. During a workshop from 3 days or more you will be able to felt the painted silk with wool. 

Most workshops are held in the east of the Netherlands. Between the towns of Doetinchem, Vorden and Ruurlo. There are plenty of options for an overnight stay. This is possible from € 25.00 per night including breakfast. A workshop day starts at 09.30 hours and ends at 16.30 hours. There also also workshops at other locations - see the workshop list below. 


Workshops silk painting or silk painting in combination with felting
In Gelderland - the Netherlands (triangle Doetinchem, Vorden, Ruurlo)

Ask for the possibilities!
It is possible again to follow workshops.
Corona proof in small groups.

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Are you interested in having a workshop together with a group of colleagues, family or friends, or do you have a nice venue where you would like to organise a workshop? Do you have a preference for a certain date or for different times? Do you have any other special wishes? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. 


Participation in a workshop is final after receipt of the full course fee.
In case of absence or unforeseen circumstances, a participant may, in consultation with Colorsofellen, search for a replacement or pass it on to someone on the waiting list if present.


Workshop silk painting

Workshop silk painting and felting

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