Colorsofellen offers different fabrics.

Hand-painted silk in different thicknesses
Particularly suitable for making a blouse, tunic or (wedding) dress. Or for (wall) decoration for your interior.

Fabrics printed with a digital graphic design, designed by Ellen Bakker
The applications are almost limitless.
All designs can be printed on various fabrics for many purposes.
Ellen's years of experience as a graphic designer can be found in the graphic patterns and the clear use of colour.
View the designs and discuss your wishes in terms of colours, fabric types and sizes.

Handmade felt fabrics
Ellen felts hand-painted or printed silk together with soft Merino wool into a supple, warm felt fabric.
This is ideal for making jackets, skirts and dresses, for example.
Or for interior use: for covering furniture, as a room divider, grand foulard, cushions, etc.

Custom fabrics
Are you curious about the possibilities for your interior, at home or at work? Or do you want a design tailored to your wishes? Please contact us or visit the store in Deventer.


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