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Wall decorations

Colorsofellen makes wall panels from wool felted with silk and hand-painted paintings on high-gloss satin (100% silk)

The wall panels of wool felted with silk are stretched on a frame. The felt is made from hand painted or printed silk felted with Merino wool.
Stretched on a wooden frame, panels are created that are not only visually attractive, but also have a favorable influence on the acoustics. The sound-absorbing properties of wool and silk reduce the reverberation of sound in a room. A design consists of one or more matching panels, which together form a whole.

The silk paintings are hand painted on thick high-gloss satin. After a steam bath, the silk is glued to a layer of cardboard and provided with a beautifully cut passe partout. Nice to combine with
for example 3 paintings in a row or a combination of 4 paintings in a square together.

With their surprising use of color and warm appearance, the wall panels and silk paintings from Colorsofellen are a rich addition to your interior.
Colorsofellen also offers the possibility to have your own, exclusive wall decoration manufactured. You can choose not only the design, but also the size, type of fabric and color scheme.

Inquire about the possibilities, or visit the store in Deventer.

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