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Wall decorations

Colorsofellen makes various products to decorate your wall.

Wall panels of wool felted with silk
Ellen felts hand-painted or printed silk together with soft Merino wool into a supple felt fabric.
Stretched on a wooden frame, panels are created that are not only visually attractive, but also have a beneficial effect on the acoustics. The sound-absorbing properties of wool and silk reduce the reverberation of sound in a room. A design consists of one or more matching panels, which together form a whole.

Wall panels printed with a digital graphic design, designed by Ellen Bakker
Various fabrics can be printed with a design designed by Ellen Bakker. This fabric is then stretched on a wooden or metal frame. The back can optionally be provided with a sound-absorbing material to improve the acoustics of a room or office space.
View the designs and discuss your wishes in terms of colours, fabric types and sizes. Almost anything is possible.

Hand-painted paintings on high-gloss satin (100% silk)
The silk paintings are hand-painted on sturdy high-gloss satin. After a steam bath, the silk is glued to a layer of cardboard and provided with a beautifully slanted passe partout. Nice to combine with for example 3 paintings in a row or a combination of 4 paintings in a square together.

A warm memory of a loved one is tangible in a portrait of Colorsofellen. A photo is the starting point. You choose, possibly in consultation with Ellen Bakker, a striking photo of the person whose portrait you want to have made. You can also indicate the desired size and your preference for the color scheme. This photo forms the basis of which Ellen makes a digital drawing, with graphic surfaces and lines, in your chosen colours. This design is then printed on the the fabric of your choice. Most fabrics can be stretched directly on a wooden or metal frame. And prints on thin silk are first felted with wool.

Not only portraits of people, but also animals, a beloved object or a (landscape) scene can be made.Would you like to have a custom portrait made of your child, parents, friend or of a favorite object/subject?
Inquire about the possibilities, or visit the store in Deventer.

Ellen Bakker's designs are also very suitable for printing on (vinyl) wallpaper.
View the designs and inquire about the possibilities.

Custom made
With their surprising use of color and warm appearance, the wall panels, paintings and wallpaper from Colorsofellen are a rich addition to your interior.
Colorsofellen offers the possibility to have your own exclusive wall decoration made. You can choose not only the design, but also the size, fabric type and color scheme.

Inquire about the possibilities, or visit the store in Deventer.

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