Experimental silk painting (and felting with wool)

Discover the creativity in yourself and the surprising possibilities of experimental silk painting. During a workshop you will learn what the effect is of working with various transparent layers, making the paint flow, but also stopping the paint. You will be introduced to working with brushes, templates, stamps and other tools. But above all, you learn to intuitively fill the white silk with color and shape. Each student has access to a large frame on which the silk is stretched. The workshops are given by Ellen Bakker.

For whom
Experimental silk painting is especially fun and surprising. For all workshops you don't need any experience to participate.

The workshops offer a great deal of freedom to experiment. This way you can get started painting samples on silk fabrics. Or work towards an end product, such as beautiful smooth silk scarves or fabric for clothing or for felting. During a 3-day workshop you can felt the painted silk with wool on the third day.

1-day workshop experimental silk painting
This day you start with practicing different techniques of silk painting on a Pongé silk measuring 55x55 cm. The rest of the day you will work on a beautiful scarf, fabric for clothing / interior or several samples.
The costs are Euro 95.00 per person, including a sample scarf of 55 x 55 cm, 120 ml silk dye, fixation of the silk. Coffee and tea with a treat *.

2-day workshop experimental silk painting
During this workshop you will spend two days fully working with the possibilities that silk painting offers. You can paint several silk scarves, paint silk fabric to make a garment or accessory, thin silk for felting or make various test samples.
The costs are Euro 190.00 per person, including a sample scarf of 55 x 55, 240 ml silk paint, fixing the silk. Coffee and tea with a treat *.

3-day experimental silk painting and felting with wool
This 3-day workshop offers the opportunity to combine two days of silk painting with a day of felting the silk with wool. In this way, beautiful supple shawls, throws or fabrics for clothing and interior are created. The first two days are all about silk painting. The third day there is an opportunity to felt the fabric with needle felt. You help each other with this and you can use the felting machine that takes the heavy work out of your hands.
The costs are Euro 290.00 per person, including a sample scarf of 55 x 55, 240 ml silk paint, fixation of the silk. Use of the felting machine. Coffee and tea with a treat *.

Below you can see examples of hand-painted silk that is felted with wool.

The workshops are given in the Netherlands in the center of Deventer. Within walking distance of the station and the Centrum parking garage. There are plenty of accommodation options in the area. A workshop day lasts from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.


December 8, 9
January 12, 13, 26, 27
February 9,10, 23, 24
March 9, 10, 23, 24
April 13, 14, 20, 21
May 11, 12, 25, 26

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* Additional silk scarves and fabrics are available on site; the costs of this are calculated separately. You can order pre-felt for felting in advance.
* Lunch is not included. You can bring your own lunch or go for lunch in town. 



Online workshops experimental silk-painting

The online workshops Decemver 1st and 7th are full. If you are interested in an online workshop, please send an e-mail to
Don’t forget to state where you live, as we may have to deal with different time zones.

Here a student is painting a 180x45 cm silk scarf during a 1-day silk painting workshop.

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