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Wall decorations (Wallhangings and wall panels)

With their surprising use of colour and the warmth they radiate, the wall hangings from Colorsofellen are an enriching addition to your interior. Their basis is formed by a handpainted or digital design on silk. The silk is subsequently felted with soft Merino wool. A wall hanging is not stretched on a frame, it is hung freely on the wall. 

Wall panels
Stretched on a wooden frame, the wall panels are not only visually attractive, they also have a positive effect on acoustics. The sound-absorbing properties of wool and silk reduce the reverberating sounds in a room. A design consists of one or more matching panels that form a whole together.

Op maat
Colorsofellen has a variety of wall hangings and wall panels available. Customised designs, especially tailored to your wishes and your interior are available on order. You will have multiple options regarding the size, the colours, the pattern and the number of panels.

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Some examples of wallhangings and wall panels

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