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Grand foulards

Colorsofellen has a variety of grand foulards available. The basis for the felted wool-silk fabrics is formed by placing the handpainted or digitally printed silk on a thin layer of Merino wool and then make it wet with water and soap. Softly rubbing the wet wool and silk will then cause the fibres of the wool to penetrate the soft silk. This is a mostly manual process, supported by the use of a professional felting machine. The prolonged rubbing will cause the wool to shrink and merge with the silk, to become a smooth fabric combination of wool and silk. The colourful grand foulards will give an entirely new look to any couch or armchair.

Custom-made grand foulard
You can place a special order for a design in line with your specific wishes and interior. You may choose for a playful handpainted design or a digital design with straightforward and more rigid graphic patterns. 
Would you like to know more about the possibilities of making a grand foulard? 
Then please contact Ellen Bakker:

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Some examples of the grand foulard of Colorsofellen

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