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The shawls from Colorsofellen are a smooth combination of silk felted with soft Merino wool. The silks are handpainted or fitted with a digital design. 

The basis for each handpainted shawl is white Pongé silk. The fabric is stretched on a large wooden frame and then handpainted by Ellen Bakker. Sometimes she will combine painting with other techniques such as stamping or air-brushing. After its application, the special silk paint is fixed in a steam machine, to retain the colour.
After this, the silk is placed on a thin layer of Merino wool and made wet with water and soap. Softly rubbing the wet wool and silk will then cause the fibres of the wool to penetrate the soft silk. This is a mostly manual process, supported by the use of a professional felting machine. The prolonged rubbing will cause the wool to shrink and merge with the silk, to become a smooth fabric combination of wool and silk. This felted fabric is excellent for use as a shawl. Handpainting the silk will make every shawl unique.

Digital designs
Besides the handpainted shawls, Colorsofellen also has a collection of silks fitted with a digital design. Ellen Bakker’s many years of experience as a graphic designer become apparent in the distinct and unique patterns.
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Choose your own shawl
Besides the shawl you find in the webshop, Colorsofellen also provides you the opportunity to have your own exclusive shawl created. Not only do you get to choose the design, but also the size, fabric and colours. Inquire about the possibilities: 

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Some examples of hand-painted sjawls

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