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TextileArt around the world

In this edition by Textile-link we travel through the surprising and colourful world of textile art. Over 800 photographs display the most beautiful work of 160 artists from across the globe. This is a unique collection of a great variety of worldwide textile art joined in one book.
Make your acquaintance with the many facets of textile art and allow yourself to be inspired by fairy-tale embroidery, robust twine works, art to wear, fine and coarse crocheting, felting in an explosion of colour or in subdued natural shades, innovative mixed media, weaving works with a message, tough-looking knit-works, quilts that make you smile . . . the possibilities with textile know no boundaries.
‘TextileArt around the world’ is the international sequel to ‘Textile is alive!’, which is an earlier publication. Each page is a new introduction to an artist. Besides many images of textile art, you will also find a portrait photograph, the web address, country of origin and applied techniques. The artist also tells you in a few words what textile means to him/her. Due to the international character of the book, the text is in three languages: English, German and Dutch. 

TextileArt around the world
Vertical format 280x210 mm
Over 800 images
160 artists
168 pages
Trilingual edition (Dutch, English, German)
ISBN 9789081847674
Euro 32.50


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