New series of scarves - Inspired by Monet

16 January 2021

"Inspired by Monet" is a new series of silk scarves inspired by Monet's paintings. The collection of the famous French impressionist Claude Monet is very colorful and therefore really appeals to me. For this series I was mainly inspired by his paintings with flowers.

New series of scarves - Inspired by Monet

I made the designs partly by hand and partly with the computer. Based on a photo of a painting, of which I made graphic elements. I have placed these elements on top of each other in many layers in different percentages of transparency, whereby the paintings are still recognizable as Monet, but then in a Colorsofellen jacket.
The large square Twill silk scarves that are created from this are, as it were, works of art for around your neck.
The scarves shown are printed on high-quality Twill silk, but also available in other fabric types.

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