18 February 2021

For painting silk I often use the "veil" (layering) technique. This is a painting technique where the colors are built up by painting many transparent layers of color over each other. This makes the colors very intense, while maintaining transparency. It is a lengthy process. I dry each layer, before painting the next layer. As more layers are painted over each other, more form is created. It is an interesting process of letting forms shaping themselves or make them consciously.  
Sometimes I start with an idea about how the painting should be, but often I let myself surprise by what arises.


I paint these layers with a watercolor brush, but I also use stamping techniques. In addition, I also make pieces with an airbrush, where the paint is sprayed under pressure from a kind of drawing pen.
All these ways create beautiful color nuances and depth.

Below you can see various examples of this technique.

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