Curtain project

4 April 2019

A client in Utrecht (The Netherlands) recently assigned me to design curtains. The first step was to take the atmosphere and colours of the existing interior as a starting point. Combined with the client’s wishes, this formed the groundwork for a number of designs made on the computer.

Curtain project

The final design was then printed on the chosen fabric in a scaled-down version, together with a couple of real-size sample pieces. These samples provide a clear idea of what the curtain will eventually look like. 
What follows after this is the most exciting part of the process: the fabric is printed and then sowed into curtains by a professional studio. You can see the result on the pictures in this blog post.
What makes digital designing so special is that you are not bound by a repeating pattern, but you can create a broadloom image. It provides you with so many possibilities. In addition to the curtains, I also made 4 matching pillows in the same style.

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