Airbrush in the open air

4 April 2019

Silk-painting is an almost daily routine for me. At the moment I work on Silk Satin 14, a somewhat thicker, high-glossy silk in a square shape, sized 110 x 110 cm, which is new for me. The silk absorbs more paint, causing the colours to become even more briljant. Square-shaped scarves are worn differently from the oversized Pongee silk scarves I usually make. I love them both.

Airbrush in the open air

Because of the good weather I was able to work outside in the open air for the first time this year. This is the ultimate way to work for me: surrounded by inspiration from nature and the wonderful outdoors. It is also that time again, to experience with the airbrush, which is something you really can’t do inside. With the airbrush I can spray very thin transparent layers on the stretched silk. The air is sprayed under pressure through the small opening of the airbrush pen.

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