Free online tutorial and behind-the-scenes experience

5 April 2024

Zsófia Marx and I would like to share our joint project with you, which we developed together last year.
Zsófia is an artist from Amsterdam. She makes the most beautiful hats from wool.
More than a year ago we decided to experiment with combining my colorful silk with Zsófia's special hats. This resulted in a series of unique hats.

Because we are very enthusiastic about the result, we would like to share the process and the final result with you at the event:

Where silk painting meets hat making, magic happens!
A free online tutorial and behind-the-scenes experience

Starting April 27, 2024, we'll be releasing a series of two videos leading up to a live Q&A.

Free online tutorial and behind-the-scenes experience

This is what you can expect:

April 27, 2024
Video 1: Behind the scenes experience with Ellen and Zsófia
We show you the magic and beauty of combining silk painting with hat making. The process of incorporating hand-painted silk into hand-felted hats is not just a craft, it is a powerful way to express your true artistic potential and leave your unique signature on every hat you make.

April 29, 2024
Video 2: The power of transformation
This video covers the fundamental design techniques and principles that are essential for both silk painting and hat making. We will talk about color, balance in design and how to create attractive and harmonious hats.

May 1, 2024
Live Q&A: Your Journey to Success
On the last day we will organize a live question and answer session. This is an opportunity to ask us questions directly

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