Picture story of making a shroud

20 March 2023

I was asked to make a farewell shroud this week.
A precious assignment. It's so special to gain the confidence, to make the final shell for someone.

Picture story of making a shroud

It feels like a great responsibility to translate the wishes in the right way.
In this case, a drawing with an important meaning was the basis of the design of the shroud.
I painted this drawing in the middle of the front of the shroud. I have used the colors from the drawing in the entire painting, mainly using the warm colors.
Mainly yellow, to a little orange, with purple accents and edges.
I first painted 2 silk pieces of 140x360cm. And after steaming I felted this silk with a beautiful wool in a warm ocher color.
The combination of the yellow silk and the ocher-colored wool gives a golden glow, because the wool starts to bubble due to felting, which creates a beautiful shine.
The orange and purple, in combination with the ocher-coloured wool, give beautiful earth tones.
Due to felting, the fabrics have shrunk by 25% to approximately 270x105 cm each. I then sewed the 2 parts together and rolled and sewed the edges all around.
The total size has become approximately 270x210 cm.
The shroud will be used in combination with a wooden bar.
I am very grateful that I was able to make this shroud.

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