Exhibition "Textile is alive!"

11 January 2019

From 28 October to 30 December 2018 there was an exhibition at the Kantfabriek in Horst (The Netherlands) with recent work by 10 artists from my book "Textile is alive!". For those who missed this, I post pictures of all the work here. It was a magnificent exhibition. Thank you very much Kantfabriek!

Exhibition "Textile is alive!"

The 10 participants:
Sylvia Terwisscha van Scheltinga
Pauline Nijenhuis
Carola Mokveld
Esther Bruggink
Irma Frijlink-Grasveld
Els Lemkes
Hella Van T Hof
Stef Kreymborg
Henrique van Putten
Ellen Bakker

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