The making of a beautiful blanket

12 October 2021


Dieltje came to my shop in Deventer a while ago with her supervisor Iris. She immediately fell in love with a blanket made of hand-painted silk felted with wool. This blanket consisted of many square areas, each with a different pattern.

The making of a beautiful blanket

Since Dieltje likes to paint, she came to my studio for 2 days to paint a very large silk fabric of 300x120 cm. She has used all kinds of techniques: brushes, stamps, markers, stencils, etc. Some areas are filled with abstract shapes and some with drawings, such as her cuddly toy Poekie. She used all the colors of the rainbow. After steaming the silk in the steamer, she came back one day to felt the silk with a beautiful green Merino wool. Very happy she went home with a beautiful soft unique blanket to curl up in.

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