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4 Liturgical Silk Scarves for a Pastor

A pastor gave me the beautiful assignment to paint four long silk scarves in liturgical colors.
She wears an Albe (robe) in a light linen color. They are not traditional stoles, but long scarves of more than 3 meters long, which are draped 1x around the neck and with a long part hanging at the front and a long part at the back. 

4 Liturgical Silk Scarves for a Pastor

I stetched 330 cm long Ponge 5 silk of 112 cm wide on a very large frame. I first used wax on the green scarf and then painted it in 4 colors of green with a brush. I painted the red scarf with big circles, with one end bright red and the other side dark red. On the white scarf I painted circles on one side in a very light ochre yellow and the other side in very light grey. I sprayed the purple scarf in different shades of purple.


The four colours belong to certain periods.


Red tells of the Holy SpiritThe color red is the color of the fire:The Holy Spirit sets people on fire;


Purple is the color of the stillness of contemplation and prayer


White is the color of joyFor God's love for mankindWhite is the color of Christ's victory over death


Green is the colour of lifeThe colour green is the colour of hopeThe colour green is the colour of the future

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