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6-day workshop in The Netherlands - silk painting and felting - Fiona Duthie & Ellen Bakker

Workshop silk painting and garment construction.
3 days Ellen Bakker + 3 days Fiona Duthie
August 18 - 23 2020
Nes aan de Amstel, The Netherlands.

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€ 695.00

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3 day silk painting by Ellen Bakker

Discover the creativity within you and learn about the surprising and advantaged technique of art silk painting. The workshop leaves a lot of room for experimenting. During the workshop you will learn what the effects are of working with transparent layers, how to allow the paint to flow, but also how to stop it. You will be introduced to working with brushes, stencils, stamps and other tools. But most of all, you will learn to intuitively fill a white silk sheet with colour and shape. We start the workshop with painting one or more samples, after which you start painting big pieces for felting with wool during the 3 days with Fiona. If there is time left, you can also paint one or more scarves, a piece of thicker silk to make clothes from, or more samples. Each student has a large frame for stretching the silk.

Steaming of the silk in a professional manner is included in the workshop. The colors become more intense and washable after the steam process. The fabrics will be steamed for ± 3 hours during the evenings.

By who
The silk painting workshop is given by Ellen Bakker. Under the label ‘colorsofellen’ she manufactures hand-painted silk fabrics and silk felted with wool. This creates feather light silk scarves, silk fabrics for clothing and wool/silk fabrics for shawls, clothing and interior applications, throws, cushions, wall panels, etc. The textile designs are characterized by a combination of graphic patterns, transparency, special colors and use of materials. The designs and fabrics form the sum of Ellen’s years of experience as graphic designer and her passion for textile art. This combination can also be found in the five inspirational textile art books that Ellen has now published. Containing the collected work of textile artists from around the world.


3 day Garment Construction by Fiona Duthie

Working with your luscious silks from the first three days, we’ll now explore aesthetic composition and seamless garment design, encompassing colour, form and fit, custom resists plus resist additions, for additional shaping and best fit.  Each participant starts with their own body measurements to build a resist that is their exact body shape. We then add on mix and match resist additions to create any type of garment you wish. We look at collars, sleeves, aline shaping, godets, box pleats, ruffles, gathers and much more. This garment construction method ensures an excellent and personalized fit. Refine your felt making through special finishing techniques to achieve exacting end results. Participants can make either a dress, vest, tunic, skirt or short jacket.

Day 1:
Surface and Shape: Colour theory discussion, construction for fit, measuring and resist construction for garments, Basic resist form plus additions, beginning layout

Day 2:
Felt and Form: completion of felt layout, surface design, beginning felting

Day 3:
Reveal and Refine: final felting, techniques for final fitting and refining the felt surfaces, review of techniques

By who
Fiona Duthie is a feltmaker recognized for her dynamic surface design. She loves storytelling, both in words and textiles and starts a new piece, thinking first of what story she wants to tell and then creates tactile metaphors in form, fibre and surface additions to best communicate that narrative. Fiona creates sculpture for the body, art objects and outdoor felt installations. Her work uses geological surfaces built up through fabric manipulation, stratified textiles and mapping imagery to explore biography and individual perspective. Lines of topography, tracks, trails, and traces. Each piece is created as a seamless three dimensional form through traditional feltmaking. Fiona’s work has been published in many international textile arts publications and she has exhibited her work in both public and private galleries in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Felting since 1996, Fiona Duthie has a full-time studio practice based on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.


For whom
Experimental silk painting is for everybody, you do not need experience to participate.
Basic experience in feltmaking is essential.

Nes aan de Amstel, The Netherlands.
(25 min. from Amsterdam and airport)
A day lasts from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Maximum 12 participants

6-day workshop
Euro 695,00 per person

  • 3 days teaching by Ellen Bakker and 3 days teaching by Fiona Duthie
  • Steaming of the silk in a professional fixing device
  • Coffee and tea with sweets
  • Delicious lunches

During the workshop silk painting the following materials are available:

  • Scarf Pongé silk 45x180 cm euro 10,00 each
  • Scarf Pongé silk 90x180 cm euro 17,00 each
  • Scarf Pongé silk 90x90 cm euro 9,50 each
  • Scarf Pongé silk 55x55 cm euro 4,50 each
  • Pongé fabric 90 cm euro 8,00 / meter
  • Pongé fabric 112 cm euro 11,00 / meter
  • Crepe de Chine 14, 90 cm  euro 25,00 / meter
  • Coupons Bourette, Crepe de Chine, Organza, etc. 
  • Silk paint euro 3,00 /100 ml

Registration for the workshop in the Netherlands is open.
In case you are unexpectedly unable to attend, you may find another participant to take your place or if there is a waiting list, the first one in the list can participate. The workshop will not take place if there are insufficient participants or unforeseen circumstances.
Participation is at your own risk.

As soon as there are enough participants, we will inform you, so that you can definitely make your arrangements.

List of necessities for silk painting

  • Apron - old cloths
  • 4 empty glass jars with lockable covers
  • 1 or more aquarel brushes with a point (12 or greater) – Please contact Ellen if you want to borrow a brush
  • Old towels • Kitchen paper
  • Thin rubber gloves

If it’s not possible to bring all the necessities, please contact us.

List of necessities for felting
Will follow later

Bed and breakfast
There are various accommodation options in the area.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Participation in the workshop is final after receipt of the full course fee.
In case of absence or unforeseen circumstances, a participant may, in consultation with Colorsofellen, search for a replacement or pass it on to someone on the waiting list if present.


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