A warm memory of a loved-one is tangibly displayed in a portrait from colorsofellen. The starting point of the digital drawing is a photograph. The drawing consists of lines and colour facets, printed on silk. Then the silk is felted with Merino wool and stretched on a wooden frame. The result is a portrait with a surprising resemblance to the original, while radiating a warm individual character. 

How does it work?
You choose a fitting photograph of the person of whom you wish to make a portrait. You may wish to do this in consultation with Ellen Bakker. You may also point out the desired size and your colour preferences. 
The photograph forms the basis for the digital drawing Ellen makes, with graphic facets and lines in the colours of your choice. The design is then printed on thin silk. The silk containing the image is subsequently felted with Merino wool and finally it is stretched on a wooden frame. This method not only allows you to create portraits of people, but also images of animals, a favourite object or a landscape view. Please inform about the possibilities.

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