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Handpainted silk fabrics
Colorsofellen offers a variety of silk fashion fabrics. You can choose from handpainted silk fabrics that vary in thickness, perfectly suitable to make a blouse or a tunic or a dress.
The basis for each handpainted fabric is formed by stretching the silk on a large wooden frame, after which it is handpainted by Ellen Bakker. Sometimes she will combine painting with other techniques such as stamping or air-brushing. After its application, the special silk paint is fixed in a steam machine, to retain the colour. In the webshop you will find handpainted silks in the most diverse colours and patterns. 

Digitally printed fabrics 
Besides the handpainted fabrics, Colorsofellen also has a collection high-standard digitally printed fabrics. Ellen Bakker’s many years of experience as a graphic designer become apparent in the colourful and graphic patterns. The designs can be printed on various fabrics such as silk, viscose, cotton, etc. The possibilities are endless. The graphic patterns make the fabrics quite suitable for quilting as well. 

Felted fabrics 
The basis for felted wool-silk fabrics is formed by placing the handpainted or digitally printed silk on a thin layer of Merino wool and then wet it with water and soap. Softly rubbing the wet wool and silk will then cause the fibres of the wool to penetrate the soft silk. This is a mostly manual process, supported by the use of a professional felting machine. The prolonged rubbing will cause the wool to shrink and merge with the silk, to become a smooth fabric combination of wool and silk. This felted fabric is perfectly suited to make coats, skirts and dresses, for example.

Custom-made fabrics 
In the webshop you will find a large collection of fabrics to make your own clothing. You also have the opportunity to place an order to have a fabric made for you. 
You can consult Ellen about designs, colours, type of fabric and size, to fit your wishes.
Would you like to have some more information, or do you wish to have your own exclusive fabric made? Then please contact Ellen Bakker:

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Hand-painted fabrics

Digital designed fabrics

Felted fabrics

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